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Helen Mirren’s Tribute to Ryan Reynolds Will Make You Love Him Even More

Helen Mirren’s Tribute to Ryan Reynolds Will Make You Love Him Even More

Ryan Reynolds is being featured as one of Time’s most influential public figures, and of course, Dame Helen Mirren wrote the essay tribute to him. 

First off, Helen talks about Ryan’s name. She said, “Can the name be real? It is such a perfect movie-star name, like something that could be on a ’40s marquee.” In terms of him as a person, Helen wrote, “He’s the Everyman, but somehow with more of everything: wit, elegance, looks and general hunkiness.” Helen continued praising Ryan, saying that he is “rumpled, kind, committed and generous, especially to women. He likes them in the most simple, direct, unadorned way: for their humanity.” Which, as Helen points out, is “very appropriate [since] he is the father of two girls.”

Helen and Ryan really seem to care for each other. Even Ryan’s wife, Blake Lively, has taken notice, and two years ago shared this photo of the two:

And Ryan seems to share the same love for Helen. He has previously said that their chemistry is “like fire and a dry house.” And yesterday he took to Instagram thanking Helen:

Chris Pratt talks politics:

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