Y Combinator takes machine intelligence startups to school and learns a thing or two

 Machine intelligence startups are the black sheep of the startup world. The new kids on the block are challenging investors to do their technical homework and differentiate themselves in intentional ways. Y Combinator joined a growing list of investors offering exclusive services to these companies in a specialized AI track for its latest S17 batch of startups. In the competitive world of… Read More

Airbnb Enlists Hollywood Actor Danny Glover as Adviser

To help turn around its image of discrimination against non-white guests.

Danny Glover (yes, *that* Danny Glover) is now advising Airbnb

 Actor Danny Glover, known for his roles in ‘Lethal Weapon,’ and, my personal favorite, ‘Angels in the Outfield,’ is working with Airbnb in an advisory role to help engage communities of color. “I know Airbnb has had its own share of challenges in this arena—but working with them, I’ve seen first-hand how committed they are to getting it right,”… Read More

Vice Media Partners With Airbnb for Curated Travel ‘Experiences’

They launched a contest to win free tickets to Vice-curated travel experiences.

Update bricks smart locks preferred by Airbnb

 A subset of smart locks made by Lockstate have been bricked after an update. The smart lock vendor is part of Airbnb’s Host Assist program, and integrates with the accommodation rental platform so, for instance, hosts can automatically generate and email one-time codes for their guests to use during check-in. Read More

France Is Gearing Up For an Airbnb Tax Crackdown

The home-sharing company is another company that runs its profits through low-tax Ireland

The battle between hotels and Airbnb escalates in NYC

 The war between Airbnb and the hotel industry rages on, and it’s reaching new lows here in New York. A campaign, backed by the Hotel Association of New York City Inc. and the union that represents hotel workers, launched a 10-day, 30-second ad that links Airbnb’s short-term rentals to public security threats. The ad sets the stage for fear-mongering, stating that NYC remains the… Read More

Seattle study puts down some common criticisms of Airbnb-style renting as regulations loom

 Airbnb may have put its foot in its mouth before when it comes to communicating the benefits it brings to cities, but it’s hard to argue with raw, uncut science. A new study from the Internet Association, a trade group comprising many online properties including Airbnb, takes a hard look at housing stats in Seattle and bats away a few issues commonly brought up regarding the service. Read More

Airbnb has a new revenue-sharing deal with the NAACP

 Airbnb has partnered with the NAACP to bring economic opportunities to people of color. Through the partnership, which includes a revenue-sharing agreement, Airbnb and the NAACP will reach out to communities of color about the benefits of sharing...

Vacation home pricing engine Beyond Pricing picks up a startup for nearby comparisons

 While Airbnb may have started off the wave of renting out a room in your house periodically to travelers for some extra income, that industry has blown up to include a lot of other competitors like VRBO. That’s led to many vacation rental owners putting their homes on multiple sites, which has led to the emergence of startups like Beyond Pricing — which helps vacation home… Read More

VCs determined to replace your job keep AI’s funding surge rolling in Q2

 These are good times for AI entrepreneurs. Venture, corporate and seed investors have put an estimated $3.6 billion into AI and machine learning companies this year, according to Crunchbase data. That’s more than they invested in all of 2016, marking the largest recorded sum ever put into the space in a comparable period. Read More