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Books of The Times: Sex, Drugs and Marxism in ‘Class’

Francesco Pacifico’s second novel is about young, amoral Italian hipsters in Manhattan and Brooklyn circa 2010.

Paul Zukofsky, Virtuoso Violinist and Literary Executor, Dies at 73

Mr. Zukofsky, a musician of immense talent and exacting standards, had a life marked by uneasy relationships.

Books of The Times: In ‘The Changeling,’ the Dark Fears of Parents, Memorably Etched

Victor LaValle’s latest hybrid of the supernatural and the literary is rooted in the anxiety families feel over the safety of their children.

Books of The Times: In ‘The Retreat of Western Liberalism,’ How Democracy Is Defeating Itself

The Financial Times columnist Edward Luce finds that Trumpism and other nationalist movements are symptoms, not causes, of larger trends threatening democratic collapse.

Books by Barack Obama’s Father Come Up for Auction

How a Dutch man found himself in possession of a set of rare books by Barack Obama Sr.

Man Booker Winners Agree: Translating Jokes Is Hard

The most famous joke in “A Horse Walks Into a Bar” does not exist in Hebrew, David Grossman says in this talk with his translator, Jessica Cohen.

American Beauties: A Tangy Sendup of Literary-World Dalliances

Come to T. Gertler’s 1984 novel, “Elbowing the Seducer,” for its sweat-drenched lunch-hour sex scenes. Stay for its social comedy and its surprising emotional heft.

Helen Dunmore, Who Wrote About Legacy and Loss, Dies at 64

Ms. Dunmore, an Englishwoman, found much success writing novels, poetry, short stories and children’s books.

With ‘1984’ on Broadway, Thoughtcrime Hits the Big Time

A British adaptation of George Orwell’s classic arrives on Broadway with Tom Sturridge and Olivia Wilde, bringing contemporary political resonance.

The Children of ‘1984’: Dystopia Down the Decades

George Orwell’s novel has led to adaptations and variations since its publication in 1949, including a coming Broadway version. Here’s an overview.