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100 Books to Read Before They’re Films

There are always going to be books that are being made into movies, and we love to read them before they get the big-screen treatment as much as you do. If you like being able to say the book was better (isn't it always?), then we have 100 novels to di...

Summer Reading List: 40 Books to Read Before They’re Movies

There's a constant stream of books being adapted into film in Hollywood, and if you're a big reader, you love this practice. Sure, the movie is almost never better than (or even as god as) the book, but there's a common desire to want to see your lates...

Director Amber Tamblyn: Being a Woman and Being Political Cannot Be “Mutually Exclusive”

When I get actor and director Amber Tamblyn on the phone on Monday morning, she has her hands full. Metaphorically, because the first movie she directed, Paint It Black, is hitting theaters in just a few short days; literally, because she's stocking h...

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