Price to sponsor McGregor-Mayweather $10M

Price to sponsor McGregor-Mayweather $10M

How to protect yourself against Petya malware – CNET

A new strain of malware is making the rounds. Here's how to protect your computer.

Google must yank search results globally, says Canada court – CNET

In a case involving pirated goods, the country's top court says removing results only on Google's Canada site isn't enough. But critics worry about free speech.

Here’s what the Galaxy Note 8’s back could look like – CNET

Note 8 renders are coming in force. Here's how some predict the back of Samsung's next big phone will look.

Rory Feek Will Perform for First Time Since Wife Joey’s Death

On Tuesday at a press conference, he announced that he’ll be performing publicly for the first time since the death of his wife, Joey. Rory is performing to help raise funds for the Music Health Alliance, a nonprofit that helped his family with their insurance and medical bills. Rory reached out to the organization after Joey’s cancer returned to help navigate the stack of bills that were piling up.

Twitter has issues, and President Trump is on the cover – CNET

Twitter users react to the president's fake Time magazine cover by making a pile of parody versions.

Ford issues three recalls, two of which cover fewer than five cars – Roadshow

The first recall makes up for the other two, though, since it covers 400,000 vehicles.

WATCH: How to cook with fresh, healthy and seasonal ingredients this summer

ABC News' Olivia Smith and Chef Yasmina Ksikes show how to make dishes featuring the best flavors of summer.

Which of Amazon’s new Prime-only phones should you buy? – CNET

OK, that's kind of a loaded question, but it's a discussion worth having: The reseller now offers 10 models priced between $50 and $200. Plus: Get Portal 2 for just 2 bucks!

A Handful of Unique Ways to Wear Your High Tops This Season

Styling the perfect look with a pair of high-top sneakers isn't easy. In fact, after wearing the shoe silhouette once or twice, you might run out of outfit ideas. When it comes to high tops, we follow one general rule: strike a balance. If your kicks a...

The Foxiest Celebrity Silver Foxes

What is it about a head full of gray hair on men and women alike? (Looking at you, Helen Mirren.) Forsaking the dye has given these men — who were no slouches in the looks department to begin with — a certain je ne sais quoi. See for yourself.

A Look at the Art Collection of Claude Simard

A tribute at the Tang Museum honors one of the founders of Jack Shainman Gallery.