Ford patents removable pedals, steering wheel in self-driving cars – Roadshow

It's probably easier than engineering ones that fold into the dashboard.

Why NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has to die at Saturn – CNET

Cassini will soon destroy itself in Saturn's atmosphere, but its dramatic death plunge is all for the good of science.

Apple set to spend $1 billion on new Hollywood show – CNET

The company is preparing a war chest for new content to compete with Amazon and Netflix, according to the Wall Street Journal.

‘Game of Thrones’ episode aired a week early in Spain

An unreleased episode of HBO's hit series aired prematurely a week early.

Get ready for sexbots that look like Bigfoot, sexpert says – CNET

Sex robots are going to get way, way weirder than you can imagine, famous sex columnist Dan Savage predicts.

Elvis Presley's family: Where are they now?

Aug. 16 marks the 40-year anniversary of Elvis Presley's death. So what about the family he left behind? Take a look at what the Presleys are up to now.

Review: ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard,’ With Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is an ill-tempered contract killer. Ryan Reynolds is his uptight protector. You can figure out the rest.

See the future of Firefox now video – CNET

Mozilla is working on a major overhaul of its web browser. It's official release is still months away, but you can take Firefox 57 for a spin today.

Ryanair accuses Lufthansa of Air Berlin ‘conspiracy’

Ryanair accuses Lufthansa and the German government of colluding to carve up the failed airline.

Perseverance puts Mystics on brink of clinching WNBA playoff bid

Perseverance puts Mystics on brink of clinching WNBA playoff bid

In midst of bleak season, the Mets’ future has arrived

In midst of bleak season, the Mets' future has arrived

Meet the Creator of Beyoncé’s Crown From the ‘7/11’ Video

Laura Wass’s other designs include the headpiece from the cover of Childish Gambino’s last album and bracelets favored by Erykah Badu.