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This “LWYMMD” Dance Routine Is Even More Dramatic Than Taylor Swift’s Video

Taylor Swift may have fanned the flames of her ongoing celebrity feuds with the release of her "Look What You Made Me Do" video, but this impressive dance routine is where the real fire is. Watch these talented dancers bust out fierce, self-confident ...

Your Face Will Hurt From Smiling at This Little Boy Dancing to “Wild Thoughts”

A post shared by Built_ford_tuff (@builtt_ford_tuff) on Aug 19, 2017 at 6:55am PDT We've accepted it: we'll simply never be as cool as this adorable little boy dancing to DJ Khaled's "Wild Thoughts." Lil G (short for Gage) couldn't help but let t...

This “Sorry Not Sorry” Dance Routine Is So Sexy, Even Demi Lovato Was Here For It

Demi Lovato blessed us with the bop "Sorry Not Sorry" earlier this Summer, and since we've been dancing to it nonstop, we thought it would be a good idea to take a break and watch some professionals take over. Choreographed by one of our favorites, Jo...

This Beyoncé Dance Video Is So Sexy, It’ll Make You Want to Be a Naughty Girl

It's been 14 years since Beyoncé released "Naughty Girl," but the uncontrollably sexy sound never gets old. Bobby Newberry, a choreographer at LA's Millennium Dance Complex, just did the impossible and made the song even steamier with this group dance routine. While it's obvious no one does it like Queen Bey, these dancers are coming pretty close to her level of seductiveness. If only we had their moves back in 2003 for some epic house party booty popping.

Holy Sh*t, These Dancers Absolutely Slay the Nicki Minaj “Swish Swish” Verse

If you're all about Nicki Minaj's verse in Katy Perry's latest single, "Swish Swish," then you're going to love this killer choreography by Hamilton Evans. As if we didn't already love the "Bon Appétit" dance routine by choreographer Kyle Hanagami, now we've got yet another dance video to watch on repeat.

The Perfect Way to Honor Prince Today Is With This Impeccable Tap Dancing Routine

Wednesday marked what would have been Prince's 59th birthday, and ever since his death in April 2016, fans of the singer have found ways to honor his legacy through music, art, and dance. First uploaded in May of last year, this tap routine by the Syn...

This Incredible “Humble” Dance Routine Will Have You Bouncing In Your Seat

In the YouTube comments of this dance routine video to Kendrick Lamar's "Humble," one fan put it perfectly: "Songs sound so much better when Kinjaz dance to 'em." And after seeing the dance crew's meticulously synchronized routine, we couldn't agr...

This “Bon Appétit” Dance Routine Will Help You Forget All About Katy Perry’s Gross Video

Katy Perry recently released the disgusting video for her new song, "Bon Appétit," and if you lost your appetite while watching it, this seductive dance routine by choreographer Kyle Hanagami will help cleanse your palate. Kyle is the genius behind your favorite Ed Sheeran dance performance, so you know this is going to be good. Watch the video above now.

This Sia Dance From The Fitness Marshall Is SO Fierce!

You'll definitely be moving your body to this incredibly fun choreography sequence from your favorite dance trainer, The Fitness Marshall. With fierce, explosive moves, a fast pace, and an incredible upbeat tempo (not to mention some motivating ly...

Move, Shake, Drop, and Break a Sweat to These Pitbull Zumba Videos

Are you ready to get HOT - and sweaty? These insanely fun Zumba videos are set to songs from one of your favorite artists: Pitbull. With upbeat tempos and great beats, you'll forget you're exercising in no time flat (and bonus: you'll be burning ridicu...

Shimmy to Jason Derulo With The Fitness Marshall

No matter how busy your day is, we know you can take three to five minutes for your health. Plus, you can't get mad at a three-minute workout, right? Especially one that's as fun as this dance routine. Shake that booty while incinerating calories ...

Humble Yourself For a Sec and Enjoy This Mind-Blowing Kendrick Lamar Dance Video

Kendrick Lamar released his new album Damn last week, and the lead single, "Humble," quickly landed on the charts (as well as our Summer jams playlist). Not only are the lyrics and message on point, but the beat is impossible not to dance to. Knowing ...

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