Despite Security, Concerts Provide ‘Target-Rich’ Environments

Security consultants and music promoters look ahead to what measures can be taken after the Ariana Grande concert attack.

Gardner Museum Doubles Reward for Recovery of Stolen Masterpieces

Thirteen masterpieces were taken by thieves posing as police officers in Boston nearly three decades ago in the largest art heist in American history.

Critic’s Notebook: Moving to a Disco Beat, or the Clatter of Household Objects

“The Monomyth” explores subtle transformations of Michelle Boulé’s body, and “This home is us” brings Stacy Matthew Spence’s personal effects to the theater.

Critic’s Notebook: ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Carmen,’ in Bold and Vivid Cuts

Heartbeat Opera presents radically rewritten, trimmed-down and gritty contemporary productions of two classic works.

High Ticket Prices Are Fueling a Broadway Boom

Revenues in the theatrical season just concluded rose to a record $1.45 billion, even as attendance has slipped a bit.

John Legend’s New Music Video Reminds Us A Man-Made Border Cannot Separate Love

John Legend’s new music video for “Surefire” is an ode to the power of love in the face of xenophobia.The video, directed by Cole Wiley, premiered on Monday via YouTube and tells the story of a young Muslim woman and a Mexican immigrant’s fight to be together. The couple faces prejudice, family disapproval and even deportation. In a statement to Rolling Stone, Wiley said that the characters ― named Roberto and Jamila ― and their story are a response to the anti-immigrant rhetoric and hatred that’s become more open in the United States this year. “Human civilization is experiencing an extraordinary moment in time,” he told the magazine. “We are more capable of doing more good than ever before, but we are still mired ...

Aziz Ansari Doesn’t Read, Watch Or Talk About The News Anymore

The day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, after millions of women marched in Washington, D.C., and beyond, Aziz Ansari stood up on “Saturday Night Live” to deliver the show’s opening monologue.It was a hit. The comedian behind Netflix’s woke study of modern life, “Master of None,” came out swinging against Trump and his supporters, at one point blaming Islamophobia in America in large part on “that scary ass music from ‘Homeland.’” That theme of anti- anti-immigrant sentiment paralleled an essay he wrote for The New York Times months before titled “Why Trump Makes Me Scared For My Family,” who are Muslims from India. With that track record, Ansari isn’t blind to American poli...

Review: Alexei Ratmansky’s Ballet ‘Whipped Cream’ Is a Candyland Triumph

This ballet, which had its New York premiere on Monday at the American Ballet Theater gala, feasts on a score by Richard Strauss.

Stephen Colbert Outpaces Jimmy Fallon To Become The Season’s Late-Night King

In a twist that once seemed improbable, the 2-year-old “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” will end the television season as the highest-rated late-night program.  With three nights left in the standard September-to-May interval, “...

Scientologists Pushed Leah Remini To ‘Work On Chelsea’ Handler And Other Famous Friends

Former “King of Queens” star Leah Remini is one of the most outspoken critics of the Church of Scientology, and she has no plans of stopping. The actress, whose A&E exposé series “Scientology and the Aftermath&...

Meet The Man Bringing Slam Poetry To The Deaf Community

A post shared by ASL SLAM (@aslslam) on Oct 13, 2016 at 1:28pm PDTDouglas Ridloff started composing poetry in American Sign Language when he was a teenager, after a well-known ASL poet named Peter Cook visited his high school. Fast forward 10 years, and he hadn’t done much in the way of slam poetry apart from a little dabbling. But then a friend of his invited him to an informal gathering of college students, where ASL was used to respond to challenges and prompts.“I wasn’t interested in the first place,” Ridloff said in an interview with HuffPost. “At that time I only did ASL poetry and storytelling for fun at parties and backyard gatherings. The host who was also my friend dragged me to go to ASL Slam for the first few times, and I was sitting in the back ...

Review: In ‘Restless Creature,’ Wendy Whelan Dances Against the Clock

A documentary captures this ballerina at a critical moment in 2013, when she was both trying for a comeback and coming to terms with aging.

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