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Talking with Alda Leu Dennis, the newest partner at Initialized Capital

 It’s only been a few days since she started her new job, but Alda Leu Dennis, the newest partner (and COO) of Initialized Capital, seems like she’s ready to hit the ground running. Given her background, that’s not surprising.  Dennis just joined the 15-person, San Francisco-based firm from the secondary investment firm 137 Ventures, where she led investments in Planet Labs,… Read More

Better wants to deal with your out-of-network medical bills so you don’t have to

 We need to have a conversation about medical insurance claims, because the system is ridiculous. It’s a pain to deal with, and most people aren’t equipped to know all the codes or have time to jump through all the hoops. So Rachael Norman decided to do something about it: She co-founded Better, a startup advocating on your behalf to reduce your medical bills. Read More