HP caters to gaming enthusiasts with new overclockable OMEN X laptops

 HP has been producing some solid gaming hardware as of late — the OMEN 17 laptop I reviewed and the cube desktop built by Maingear are good examples. However, HP has yet to go all out with their OMEN X brand — the “X” denoting the upper echelon of its high-performance brand — until now, with two new laptops. The OMEN X laptop comes in 15-inch and 17-inch… Read More

Intel Unveils Newest Chips To Speed Laptops

Beats AMD to portable market.

What Lenovo Is Planning For ThinkPad for ‘Superfans’

Bringing back some past innovations.

Review: Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft build a laptop for right here, right now, and a damn good one at that. The post Review: Microsoft Surface Laptop appeared first on WIRED.

Samsung adds the S Pen to the Notebook 9 Pro, making its best Surface Book impression

 Samsung’s favorite pen tool, the S Pen — with a 0.7mm tip, Windows Ink support, the capability to detect more than 4,000 levels of pressure and which hasn’t been featured since the Note 7 — has found its next host, a Surface Book competitor: the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro. It’s not exactly similar in design approach to the Surface Book; the Notebook 9 Pro has a… Read More

VMware and Google extend partnership to include Chrome OS management in Workspace One

 One of the beautiful things about owning a Google Chromebook laptop is the surprising lack of maintenance involved. The browser is essentially the OS and you connect to applications via the cloud. Everything gets updated automatically. Easy, peas...

Surface Laptop Gives Microsoft an Answer to Chromebooks, Sorta

Windows 10 S makes your laptop easier to use, longer-lasting, and a whole lot more secure. The post Surface Laptop Gives Microsoft an Answer to Chromebooks, Sorta appeared first on WIRED.

The $999 Surface Laptop is Microsoft’s expensive answer to Chromebooks

 Microsoft just revealed the newest Surface model and it’s aimed directly at the education market. Called the Surface Laptop, this is the notebook Microsoft hopes schools will buy instead of a Chromebooks. But unlike other Surface models, it does not run the traditional desktop version of Windows, though. The $999 Surface Laptop runs Windows 10 S, a new streamlined operating system… Read More

Our 10 Favorite Laptops, From MacBooks to Chromebooks

If you're shopping for a new portable PC, here are 10 great options. The post Our 10 Favorite Laptops, From MacBooks to Chromebooks appeared first on WIRED.

HP’s new x360 laptops miss the point of 4K on the Spectre but get security right with the EliteBook

 The Spectre 13 x360 I strangely loved from late last year is back with a 4K screen and pen support for the Windows Creators update that went global this month. Read More

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