Personal Essay

The Major Style Difference Between Melania Trump and Michelle Obama

Image Source: Getty / JEWEL SAMAD When I woke up the morning after Election Day to find that Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States, I cried. Then I signed online and covered the latest Instagram trend: DIY crop tops made from an old pair of tights. Then, obviously, I cried some more. I had just witnessed one of the most heartbreaking and important elections in history, at least in my opinion. How did I muster the strength to write about a passing fashion trend on a day like that? After that, it was admittedly hard to keep working. I talked to my sister, who also felt devastated, and I texted my boyfriend, who is one of those people who, political views aside, always reassures me I am worrying before I need to be. Then Hillary Clinton gave her concession speech wea...

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