Reddit’s new CTO was the company’s first hire

 Reddit’s first employee has taken over the reigns as CTO of the popular internet company. Chris Slowe was the company’s founding engineer when he joined the team in late 2005. Slowe joined Reddit after getting to know co-founders Alexis Ohanian and current-CEO Steve Huffman in Y-Combinator’s first batch where he was serving as the founder of a different startup at the… Read More

Bet You Missed This Easter Egg in the American Horror Story: Cult Trailer

This week, the trailer for American Horror Story: Cult arrived, giving us all the nightmares we need. Between this, the opening credits, and all those creepy teasers, it's currently clear that we've got more clowns, bees, and jump scares than we coul...

Arya and Bran’s Innocent Hug on Game of Thrones Might Have Devastating Implications

Over the course of a just a handful of season seven episodes, Bran Stark has officially become Westeros's biggest weirdo. OK, OK - being omniscient (or something close to it) probably takes a toll on the psyche, but what's the deal, man? Well, if the ...

Reddit rolls out its own video platform

 Reddit today is officially launching its own native video hosting across both desktop and mobile. The platform, still in beta, was one of the company’s promised initiatives following its recent $200 million round of funding that valued its business at $1.8 billion, announced earlier this summer. Video today, along with GIFs, make up a major part of the content shared across… Read More

We’re About to Learn How Similar Arya REALLY Is to Her Dad on Game of Thrones

The following contains spoilers from Game of Thrones season seven. Now that the living Stark siblings have reunited in Winterfell for Game of Thrones' seventh season, similarities between the kids and their departed parents abound. While many have chos...

Reddit to Add Video Ads in Push for More Revenue

Reddit is revamping its advertising business. Will it upset users?

Amazon, Kickstarter, Reddit, YC join ‘save net neutrality’ protest planned for July 12

 A day of protest over the FCC’s controversial proposal to eliminate net neutrality rules is been planned for July 12, with supporters of the online action including the likes of Amazon, Etsy, Github, Kickstarter, Reddit and Y Combinator. Read More

Reddit’s new location tagging feature continues its push to become a social network

 Reddit is continuing its march towards becoming a social network after it added location tagging to its mobile app. The service is famously known as “the front page of the internet,” but this year it has rolled out features that make it much more like Twitter or Facebook. Back in March, Reddit introduced user profile pages and the option to follow others, so location tagging… Read More

R.I.P. Imzy

 Imzy, the kinder, gentler online community platform, will be shutting down on June 23rd. Company co-founder Dan McComas made the announcement in a blog post today, stating his apologies and explaining to the community Imzy just couldn’t find its place in the market. Read More