Robin Hood

Spotlight: Robin Hood’s Celebrity Supporters

Targets poverty in New York City by finding and funding the most effective programs and partnering with them to maximize results. Founded by Paul Tudor Jones II, a hedge fund veteran. Funds are raised primarily by an annual charity event aimed at hedge fund managers and other investment high-fliers. 2007 donations exceeded those of 2006 by 32 percent, and the event has given more than $900 million in cash and donated services since it began in 1990, when it raised $700,000. Celebrity supporters Robin Hood has 49 known supporters, including Bill Clinton, Paul McCartney, and Sting Areas of work PovertyEducationEconomic/Business Support Read more about Robin Hood's work and celebrity supporters. Related articles Celebrities Fuel Robin Hood Charity ExcessPearl Jam To Play Charity GigRobin H...

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