Need to Fake an Orgasm? There’s an ‘Intimacy Choreographer’ for That

For an adaptation of “The Bacchae,” the Stratford Festival hired Tonia Sina, who teaches a codified method of approaching onstage intimacy.

PSA: Stop Having Sex in Hot Tubs and Pools

If warm, sunny weather inspires you to get hot and heavy, you may want to skip getting it on in the pool and save your nookie time for dry land. Although making sweet love in the water sounds sensual and natural, since you're wearing next to nothing a...

You Know You Want to Know: Is It Safe to Have Sex in a Pool?

There's something incredibly sensual and natural about the feeling of water on your skin. If you're swimming in a pool with someone special, wearing next to nothing, and maybe sipping down a few cold cocktails to help cool you off, your inhibitions may...

I Used to Pee During Exercise, and Now I Don’t! Here’s Why

I've been through two pregnancies and two natural childbirths, so I was used to accidentally peeing a little while coughing or sneezing. It was actually a running joke in my house. If I sneezed and went upstairs, my kids would yell, "Hey Daddy! Mommy peed herself again!" My son even offered to let me borrow one of his pull-ups. Um, thank you? Sigh. It's one of those unexpected little joys of motherhood that no one warns you about. And it doesn't just end with coughing on a full bladder. When I tried jumping on the trampoline with my kids at the gym and pee just fell out of me, I wasn't too psyched, but I thought, "OK, no more trampolines." It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to avoid them for the rest of my life. No problem. The real issue started when I signed up for CrossFit....

Found: The Perfect Lingerie For Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you read your horoscope every morning or you can barely remember your own zodiac sign, your signature traits can't be ignored. You were born with them. When you're thinking about love and the lingerie you might want to wear in the bedroom, ther...

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