20 Songs You Didn’t Know Came From Sia

As Sia becomes more and more of a household name, we've been thinking about how else she's impacted the music world. There's "Chandelier," of course, which was memorably covered on The Voice. And let's not forget "Elastic Heart," which caused a stir with its music video. What you might not have known, though, is Sia wrote Beyoncé's "Pretty Hurts", plus songs for Maroon 5, Britney Spears, and more. Wondering what else has come from Sia? We've collected 20 songs that have been written, cowritten, and sometimes even performed by the Australian artist. Keep reading, and prepare for a few surprises.

Nick Cave And Iggy Pop Join Forces For Animals In New Video

While delighting audiences with their North American tour, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have found a new and unexpected way to inspire — a new PETA video spot starring Iggy Pop live and in animation, showing his muscles as he cavorts to one of Cave’s most adored love songs, “Breathless.” Video: Rock Legends Leave Us 'Breathless' in Heartfelt PETA VideoIn the video, the “godfather of punk” appears in his dog’s daydream as a superhero, helping a turtle safely cross the road and coming to the defense of a rabbit in a hare-raising attack, as Cave sings, “The rabbit hides beneath the ground/For he is defenseless without you/The sky of daytime dies away/And all the earthly things they stop to play/For we are all breathless without you.” The up...

This Sia Dance From The Fitness Marshall Is SO Fierce!

You'll definitely be moving your body to this incredibly fun choreography sequence from your favorite dance trainer, The Fitness Marshall. With fierce, explosive moves, a fast pace, and an incredible upbeat tempo (not to mention some motivating ly...