Uber debuts a “smarter” UberPool in Manhattan

 Uber announced this morning a series of under-the-hood changes to its ride-sharing service UberPool in Manhattan, with the goal of improving its matching algorithms, as well as its pickup and dropoff processes in the city. The company says the updates are based on incorporating driver and rider feedback into its algorithms, and come following last year’s redesign of the service in… Read More

Echodyne homes in on $29 million to give drones and self-driving cars ‘radar vision’

 Autonomous vehicles all need sensors that can help them detect and avoid objects in their environment. And to operate at high speeds, these sophisticated machines need to identify objects ahead precisely, and early enough, that they can avoid crashing into them. Existing systems have included light ranging and detection systems and cameras, primarily. But the effectiveness of both LiDAR and… Read More

Prepare Yourself for the Sweet, Sweet Luxury of Riding in a Robocar

The forces reshaping the nature of transportation are conspiring to shift focus away from the driver. The post Prepare Yourself for the Sweet, Sweet Luxury of Riding in a Robocar appeared first on WIRED.

Detroit’s New Streetcar Is OK, But It Can’t Save a City

The limits of public transit in a city that needs much more. The post Detroit's New Streetcar Is OK, But It Can't Save a City appeared first on WIRED.

Away nears 100K stylish suitcases sold as it raises $20M

 What do people actually want in luggage? A phone charger, unbreakable exterior, and maximum packing space at a resonable price is what Away discovered. So it built a line of sleek but expansive polycarbonite suitcases equipped with battery packs,...

Look Out Elon—A Bunch of Students Have Set a New Rocket Record

The USC team built every part of its Fathom II rocket from scratch, and flew it to 144,000 feet. The post Look Out Elon—A Bunch of Students Have Set a New Rocket Record appeared first on WIRED.

Ford to add Android Auto and CarPlay to 2016 Ford SYNC 3 cars via update

 Ford is updating a large number of 2016 model year cars equipped with SYNC 3 infotainment software, adding Android Auto and CarPlay to the vehicles with a free, over-the-air update via Wi-Fi, or using either USB or going through their dealer. The...

Uber Freight launches to connect truck drivers with available shipments

 Uber is now the ‘Uber for trucking’ – Uber Freight is a new service from the ride hailing company that pairs up trucking companies, including independent operators, with loads that need to be hauled from one place to another. The app looks a lot like the main Uber app, but it’s targeted towards vetted and approved drivers, who can browse for nearby available loads,… Read More

With Uber Freight, Travis Takes on Trucking

It's like Uber, but for freight. The post With Uber Freight, Travis Takes on Trucking appeared first on WIRED.

How Airbus Dreamed Up the Wild Design for Its Flying Car

For once, function follows form. The post How Airbus Dreamed Up the Wild Design for Its Flying Car appeared first on WIRED.

Lucid Motors and Local Motors on the wildly different paths each is taking to change the way we look at vehicles

 Lucid Motors and Local Motors. Two companies, both looking to shake up how the world thinks about vehicles and mobility — but each one is trying to take an entirely different route to get there. Read More

Why Uber may see a fresh flood of departures in the not-too-distant future

 Last year, we told you about the employees at Uber who were seemingly handcuffed to the company, noting that those whose shares were vested can’t afford to quit. Startup employees typically have to exercise their options within 90 days of leaving a company or else lose them, and given Uber’s stratospheric valuation, that cost had simply grown too daunting. By February of this… Read More

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